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Tempered Safe Auto Glass

Safe Auto Glass Safety Glass WindshieldOur tempered safe auto glass & flat safety glass windshield provides high strength, durability, light weight and a unique breaking pattern (called “dicing”) that produces harmless cubes.

The principle feature of tempered safety glass is its strength. Tempered glass can be four times stronger than normal annealed glass. Its strength allows it to resist the impact of objects traveling twice as fast as would shatter annealed glass. If you’re looking for strength for your loving vehicle, check out our flat glass for antique automobiles.

Tempered glass resists chips, scratches, stars and “bulls-eyes”, making it very durable.

Tempered glass is produced from a single glass pane, eliminating the laminate and second pane of laminated glass.

Fully tempered glass shatters into harmless cubes when broken, eliminating the hazards of flying shards of sharp glass during accidents. Most automobile side and back windows manufactured after 1955 are tempered safety glass. Add a special touch and check out our flat glass power windows for safety and convenience.

Sanders Reproduction Glass offers flat windshield glass and all other windows (doors, vents, quarters and backs) in either laminated or fully tempered safety glass. Please call (877) 882-4884, send us an email for further details or order automotive glass online.