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Sandblasted Logo & Data Scripting

FoMoCo on Automotive Glass Replacement

We are one of only a handful of auto glass shops licensed to reproduce the FoMoCo scripting and one of fewer still that use the authentic sandblast technique.

Markings or “scripts” identify the window manufacturer as well as certify its compliance with US Department of Transportation regulations. AS-1 is required for all windshields and at least AS-2 is required for sides and backs. AS-1 can only be made out of laminated safety glass while all other AS numbers can be either laminated or tempered, as long as they meet the minimum AS requirement. We sell only AS-1, Category II laminated safety glass or AS-2 tempered safety glass.

Because most states require a safety inspection prior to titling and registration, and to comply with Federal law, we mark all windows with some form of script; be it an O.E.M. marking for a Concours window or a generic D.O.T. marking for a replacement window.

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