Grade of Glass

We offer windows in two grades: Concours and Replacement.

Concours Grade

Concours grade windows are intended for car show & points competition automobiles: exposed edges are beautifully polished or Black Edged and the original manufacturer's sandblasted script (logo and date, sometimes referred to as the "bug") are duplicated to ensure an O.E.M. appearance. These details are applied with great care and meticulous craftsmanship.

Replacement Grade

Replacement grade windows are intended for daily use, street rods or antique cars that are not built for car show competition. Exposed edges are machined to a satin finish rather than polished, no Black Edging is applied, and instead of the O.E.M. markings a D.O.T. script is applied. Our goal is to provide an affordable alternative to the Concours grade without sacrificing quality.